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About Brick"
CAUSE AND AFFECT!!! Chipped and spalling brick are ususally caused by (a) Installed with type "S" mortar which is much harder than the actual brick therefore interfering with the natural expansion and contraction during extreme hot and cold weather causing the brick face to "popout" leaving ragged remains. Brick should be typically installed with type "N" mortar. (b) moisture content within the airspace behind the brick causing deterioration of both brick and mortar (ie.) in lots of fireplaces the flues have not been properly sealed together when installed and are just stacked on top of the next causing smoke to leak outside the intended chamber and into the flue chase or the chimney. This can deteriorate the chimney as a whole or just random brick. When that happens you really need the flue relined by a qualified Chimney Sweep which I don't do.   (c) One thing I notice is  that deep raked mortar joints tend to collect water more than rounded joints. The water gets inside the deep rake part and can freeze which in time will weaken the face of the brick because it sticks out further than the mortar and eventually can start spalling off.  (d) If you have cracked joints in your patio and mold or moss growing between the brick, more than likely you are either getting moisture beneath the brick which will eventually rot those joints and the base joint away and loosen the brick or the substrate below has cracked or moved causing the brick joint to crack. (e) Professional mowing companies with their large mowers have a tendency to loosen brick edging on your walkways letting mother nature take over.

THIS IS IMPORTANT WHEN CHOOSING A REPAIR PERSON!!! First I want to say that when repairing brick you should not patch them. They need to be replaced completely with a new brick either matching or close as you can get. There are some companies that are refacing bricks with a thin cut brick face and some polymer adhesive that when finished looks like mortar and has a texture like silicone with sand in it, probably using colored crown coating or something similar. This method may cost the owner a little less than replacement but will not last but a few years at best...What would you really prefer for your money? 

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