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                                                                       Brick & Mortar Staining
   The art of Brick Staining or Brick Dyeing is a craft where you can actually transform the color of  most any existing masonry to more suit your décor or color desires without the expensive alternative of removing the old brick and replacing with new . This is best suited for mismatched repair jobs on Commercial or Residential buildings, dull, faded man made stone or your masonry just needs some change. It works on any non sealed or non painted masonry like brick, block, real stone, fake stone that is porous and will absorb the tinting.
   The material used is an Eco Friendly material, it's non toxic and has no odor and can be used in your home or building without worrying about fumes or bad smells while you have family or workers in the area. 
                                                                                                  How it works:
   Lets say you have a nice home or building that had a repair done and the brick or masonry did not match real well. We can come out with a mobile color lab and a color chart and do a virtual color match, mix up a test batch and do a small sample on the wall. We can correct any differences on site including mortar discrepancies. Another example would be just a makeover of undesirable brick or other masonry either inside or outside your business or home. Commercial buildings may need more extensive research if Architects are involved and samples are needed.
                                                                If you have any of these symptoms on your
                                                                             RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS
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             *Mismatched brick or mortar repairs      *Bland colored masonry    *Faded or dull looking masonry    *Renovation or makeovers

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